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What is God?

According to a recent poll, around 75% of Americans believe in God. But what does it mean to believe in God? The majority of Americans would define God as the all-powerful, all knowing, all present, all loving creator as described in the Bible. People who have doubts about the Biblical God don't necessarily disbelieve in God, but may have different questions about the nature of God. I began asking questions about God when I was 15, and the following is a collection of my questions.

Who, What, is God?

Is God a suprahuman entity? Is God a presence, a spirit, a supernatural sentient being? Is God the creator of all? Has God always existed? Is God ever-changing, or always the same? Is God omniscient? Is God all around us?

Is God an idea? Did humans create the concept of God because of our inability to understand? Is God the name we give to unanswered questions? Is God mystery? Is God another name for the miraculous? Is God the air we breathe, the sun on our face? Is God the lightning in the sky and the thunder on the horizon? Is God the beauty in nature, the pattern? Is God goodness? Is God love? Is God morality? Is God free will? Is God possibility?

Is God the rules and laws of our natural world? Is God the higher power? Is God science? Is God the building blocks of life? Is God the perfect circumstances for life? Is God the spark of life? Is God our universe? Is God what sparked our universe? Is God the unified or chaotic force in a singularity? Is God our dimension? Is God mathematics? Is God a fractal? Is God physics? Is God time? Is God what holds atoms together, and splits them apart? Is God energy? Is God vibrations? Is God a particle, a wave, both? Is God information? Is God knowledge? Is God the elements, the amino acids, the molecules? Is God what holds the world together? Is God the instructions in our DNA? Is God evolution?

Is God the ability to seek and find answers? Is God the concept of higher consciousness? Is God consciousness as we know awareness? Is God perfection? Is God imperfection? Is God the balance? Is God the beginning and the end? Is God eternity? Is life God? Is God in you? Is God in me? Is God in everything?

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