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Think. Love. Live. as a Philosophy for Empowerment

Think. Love. Live is about what, how, and why you think, love, and live. If our universe is the only one, then you are the only person in the entirety of existence even remotely like you. You are a miracle- the chances that you were born at all are extraordinarily low, yet here you are. Appreciate your uniqueness in all of the universe, and embrace who you are and who you want to be. The path to self discovery is not always easy, but you have always overcome every obstacle, and you always will. Overcoming the obstacles is challenging, but a most rewarding part of the journey.

The point of Think. Love. Live. is to explore ideas to find answers in this journey we call life. Sometimes we forget to take the time to truly understand things, and that is our brain taking a short cut. Our brain has incredible plasticity, so it’s really just a simple matter of paying attention to the things in life that matter to you and turning that into your way of thinking.

Words are beautiful, and when strung together, creates art. In your journey to understand yourself, in can be helpful to see where other people have ended up along the way. After all, each of us is only one person in a sea of humans, and we aren’t supposed to be on our path alone.

Conscious thought, complex emotions, and experiencing the passage of time through memory is what sets humans apart from other animals after all, so…

Think. Love. Live. encourages you to think for yourself, to ask the big questions and research all possible answers in order to understand your philosophy of life!

Think. Love. Live. encourages you to love everyone and everything in the best way you can, starting with yourself!

Think. Love. Live. encourages you to engage in every present moment of your life by practicing mindfulness and action in order to explore and live life's infinite possibilities!

You are creating life as much as life is creating you. Never forget that you are a most precious and unique gift to this world, and your existence reverberates through the universe(s) in immeasurable ways. Don’t let go of yourself, your dreams, and your love. Live rightly and wholly, self compassionately and honestly, open and curious, courageous and kind, and happiness will find you.

You are important. You matter, whether you're here by chance or whether God decided to bring you in this world. Luck may not exist, and time may not be real, but to be alive at this moment feels like nothing less than winning the cosmic lottery of life. What better reason is there to feel grateful for life?

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