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How do we determine what is true? How does our thinking shape our beliefs?

Did you know that how you think defines your personality, and, in many ways, answers the question of who you are?


Are you curious? Are you open to exploring other cultures and ideas different than your own? Do you ask big questions and like to wonder?





What is love anyway? What do we mean when we use the word love?


How do you define love? How do others? What role does love play in your life? Can we love strangers? 


What would the world look like if we all placed love as the priority?

Why are we here? What is the purpose of human existence? 


Are all ways of engaging with life healthy?  How do we get help when we need it?


Do you ever wonder how better to engage your passions and live your life to the fullest?



Hello! I'm tickled that you found my site. I'm Christine, just a girl with a camera and a passion for life, learning, gratitude, connection, and compassion.  I love asking questions, exploring possibilities, and discovering the intersections between Politics, science, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, and religions. If any of my content brings a smile to your face, hope to your heart, curiosity to your mind, comfort to your soul, or inspiration to your being, I consider myself blessed to share this light with you. Thank you for visiting!

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